Fibroids affect approximately three out of four American women. Many women dismiss symptoms of fibroids (also known as myomas) including, heavy monthly periods, pain or pressure between the hip bones or back of the legs, a frequent need to urinate, constipation and bloating and an enlarged abdomen. Fibroid related symptoms cause women to lose an estimated 2-4 million days of productivity a year. African-American women, and those of any race with a family history, are more likely to develop fibroids than other women. It’s estimated that between 50% and 80% of African-American women will develop fibroids. Fibroids are the #1 reason for hysterectomy in this country— up to 75% of hysterectomies done are for this non-cancerous condition that can be treated without surgery!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Join the White Pants Movement

Wear White Pants no matter want the season! Never mind the fashion rules!!!! Join us for our next White Pants Social October 19, from 6 to 9pm at Paschal's Restaurant, 180-B Northside Drive, SW, Atlanta, GA.
To RSVP call 678-861-7787.

This Patient is ready to join the White Pants Movement!!!

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