Fibroids affect approximately three out of four American women. Many women dismiss symptoms of fibroids (also known as myomas) including, heavy monthly periods, pain or pressure between the hip bones or back of the legs, a frequent need to urinate, constipation and bloating and an enlarged abdomen. Fibroid related symptoms cause women to lose an estimated 2-4 million days of productivity a year. African-American women, and those of any race with a family history, are more likely to develop fibroids than other women. It’s estimated that between 50% and 80% of African-American women will develop fibroids. Fibroids are the #1 reason for hysterectomy in this country— up to 75% of hysterectomies done are for this non-cancerous condition that can be treated without surgery!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fibroids Team Heads to Chattanooga, Tennessee

The fibroids team packed up the car and headed north to Chattanooga, TN, home of the Hamilton County Minority Health Fair, one of the largest health fairs in the south. Nearly three thousand people turned out for the annual event which is designed to empower and educate as well Close The Gap! Over 120 vendors participated in the MHF including the Got Fibroids team. A big thanks to Chris Ramsey for inviting us. And Hats Off to Bounce TV WDEF for the wonderful TV coverage. Check out the news story by clicking on the link below.


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